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Welcome to Mafia Supremacy


This is a FREE game based on the real mafia lifestyle. The game is fully  browser based so you wont need to download or install anything. Only need internet to play.

In Mafia Supremacy you can form a criminal organization with friends or family. You unite with other people from around the world. Create your reputation with no respect for the law, and it wont be easy.

Compete against players from around the world! Make your way to the top! Hours of Fun! Do you have what it takes to become top Supreme Mafia Mobster?

Recent News

Happy St Patrick's Day  2019-03-17 2:51 PM

As it St Patrick's Day today i have sent you all a little gift to enjoy.

Don't forget to accept this as it will expire in 72 hours.
Gift Box  2019-03-13 2:39 PM

The Ever popular gift box has been changed to the follow,

Credits - between 25-50
Credit Lottery  2019-03-13 2:38 PM

I have increased the winnings on the Credit lottery as follows.

250 Credits
3 VIP Days
50,000 Strength (Defence)
750,000 in your bank account

consolation prizes stay the same.
Power Glove  2019-03-11 9:04 PM

New Item added to the Shop >> Under Weapons

For a limited time only the power Glove is available with 100,000 Attack & Strength.

Buy while you can
Lottery Replaced  2019-03-08 10:11 PM

The Lottery has been replaced by "Lotto".

It can be a credit or cash lotto.

pick four numbers with a chance to win 4 individual prizes.