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Username Dunkelfeuer
Health  100%
Strength 11,398,221
Country Hidden
Married to No partner
Cash $ 3,550,000
Bank account $ 45,234,013 Member since 2019-04-01 1:23 AM
Money (safe) $ 0 Referred by No referral
Family No family Last online 2019-08-25 12:13 AM
Gender Male Attacks won 8
Rank Caporegime Attacks lost 0
Respect points 43 Murders 1
Protection No Missions completed 2
On vacation No  
Personal text
Success is nothing more
than a few simple disciplines,
practiced every few minutes.

Welcome to my
{Avatar Shop}
every static avatar 5.000.000 Cash
every animated avatar 10.000.000 Cash
buy 5 pay only for 3✓

Coming soon
Lila LVF 187,257,850
Satine La Stidda 4,751,249,048
Matrix LVF 78,652,239
Dunkelfeuer lives in a Mafia palace
Personal goals
Respect Steal cars
This friendship has been confirmed by both parties!
This rivalry has been confirmed by both parties!